The Mousetrap
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A major record was achieved by The Mousetrap on 12th April 1958 when it played its 2,239th performance thereby becoming the longest-ever run in London. On the Sunday evening, 13th April, Peter Saunders gave a party to celebrate at the Savoy Hotel. The Daily Mail the following morning carried this account by Douglas Marlborough:

“A silver-haired middle-aged woman with a motherly smile walked into the Savoy Hotel last night and was stopped by a porter as she approached the banqueting hall where a big theatrical party was about to begin. ‘Your ticket, please, ma’am,’ said the porter. But she didn’t have a ticket. She was the guest of honor. Her name: Mrs. Max Edgar Lucien Mallowan – Agatha Christie, Queen of the Thrillers, to you. Shy and reserved, she seldom comes out in public. ‘I know many people don’t know me… but they did let me in,’ she added with a smile.